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Our vision is to create the Rogue River Recreational Corridor and Greenway, a 30 mile emerald necklace of parks and public access areas along the Rogue River linked by a ribbon of greenway trail between Central Point and Grants Pass in Southern Oregon.

The greenway would connect Jackson and Josephine Counties by bicycle, pedestrian and water trails and provide a gateway to an abundance of recreational opportunities and resources.

What a recent News Story about Ride the Rogue 2020!

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The Rogue River Greenway Foundation is dedicated to the development of multi-use walking and bicycle trails to promote healthy lifestyles, safe, alternative non-motorized modes of transportation for children, adults, and seniors whether residents or visitors.  It is also dedicated to improving access to and use of our natural resource areas for hiking, fishing, rafting, cycling, equestrian, whitewater and wildlife viewing  providing educational opportunities, healthy alternatives for outdoor recreation, promoting stewardship of our lands and rivers and stimulating the local economy in Southern Oregon benefiting existing businesses as well as providing potential for new business opportunities.


This is a regional project and it is also a community based project and all must do their part in whatever way they can.  There is no deep pocket of funds that will build this for us, we must build it for ourselves by working together, forming public/private partnerships, getting involved and raising funds.   Contributions, no matter how small, are vital for building the Rogue River Recreational Corridor and Greenway project.  Donations help to build the project and also help to demonstrate local support and matching funds for grants.  Contributions can be provided through various means, cash, materials, labor, services and more.  As a non-profit organization, all contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  Be a part of this legacy project and make a donation today.


A project of this size and scope is not without its challenges but nothing worth achieving ever is.  Many of those involved with this project do not ride or own bikes, or horses, or kayak or fish but all believe in their hearts that this is an undertaking that will improve the quality of life for their communities and the generations to follow.  It will provide much needed access to one of our most precious gems, the Rogue River, as well as protect and preserve dwindling natural resource areas along the river for ourselves and all who follow to enjoy.  It will provide a safer place for children and families to recreate in a natural healthy environment.  It fosters an appreciation of our natural resources and stewardship of our lands and wildlife.  This project connects existing bike/ped  facilities, communities, cities and counties and connects us all to the landscape in which we live and recreate. This is a legacy project that is building paths to the future and with your support it can and will happen.

The Rogue River Greenway Project is a joint collaboration including local citizens both urban and rural, Jackson and Josephine Counties, the Rogue Valley Council of Governments, the Cities of Rogue River, Gold Hill, Central Point and Grants Pass, Oregon State Parks and Recreation, Oregon Dept. of Transportation and numerous other local, State and Federal agencies. Establishing public/private partnerships to help build and maintain the many sections of the greenway and recreational corridor is key to its success as over 85% of the greenway will be located on public lands.